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How To Protect Your Business From Scary Commercial Water Damage

5/15/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage Tip: Always ask "what if"

While there are many different scenerios in which commercial water damage can take place, there are also many solutions. By asking yourself "what if" questions, you can create a thorough action plan for your business. This emergency plan should provide safety for all people who enter your business. This includes a set of processes and procedures for carrying on with business during these challenges.

This emergency plan in the event of commercial water damage should include:

  1. An emergency contact list
  2. Emergency procedures
  3. Staffing instructions
  4. Vendor lists and contact info
  5. In the case of temporary business relocation, backup plans and resources 

During any business challenge, this emergency plan should be updated and reviewed in order to keep improving. 

Commercial Water Damage in St. Petersburg

11/20/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage in St. Petersburg Prevent secondary damage by taking care of leaks right away. SERVPRO can help set up a plan to remediate!

Don't Let Plumbing Issues Cause Secondary Damage to Your Property

A common problem in rental properties is plumbing failure. It can be due to aging pipes or renters deciding that they can fix a leak themselves. However it happens, the resulting damage to the structure can range from minor trim replacement to complete replacement of cabinetry.

If you have suffered water damage to your rental or other commercial properties in St. Petersburg, then you know much of the damage is to the areas immediately under the leak. SERVPRO has the experience and personnel to dry out any remaining moisture and restore or repair physical damage.

Most cabinets under a sink or tap are open in the back. This means that airflow is pretty good and can be used to help dry out water damage. If the leak is caught quickly, our technicians can vacuum out any standing water and then place a fan pointed inside the cabinet to dry it out.

If the cabinet has its own back, then there is a space between the wall and the back panel where moisture is trapped and can eventually cause drywall to disintegrate and mold to begin to grow. Our technicians will drill one or more holes into the back panel to accelerate airflow and drain any standing water that may have gathered. These holes will be drilled as low as possible where they will be hard to see and can be easily patched once work is completed. If there is trim molding covering the area to be drilled, we will remove it and drill there to help keep the original appearance intact.

When this space is very tight, and a fan might not be useful, our technicians will place a chemical desiccant to dry out the moisture. The silica gel we use is the same commercial product in those little packets you find in shipping boxes to prevent moisture from forming in clothing and electronic devices.

Restoring your rental property to its pre-flood state is not a quick process, but it can be done efficiently and in a manner to prevent further damage. Call us here at (727) 521-2562 to get started today. SERVPRO at Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park is ready to help keep you and your renters in business.

How Did Mold Damage Get Into My Pinellas Park Home?

10/26/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How Did Mold Damage Get Into My Pinellas Park Home? Rely on SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Damage in Pinellas Park

Spores Can Develop into Mold Patches with the Right Conditions

If you’re currently dealing with a domestic mold problem, you might be wondering how it happened. After all, this type of damage is often misleading. A lot of people assume that there must be dirt or grime in a home for mold to develop, but this is not usually the case.

Flooding is the most common culprit. Standing water penetrates soft materials and provides the perfect environment for mold spores to flourish. Crucially, these spores are around us all the time. They collect on surfaces and do not pose a threat until excess moisture becomes a problem. Therefore, mold damage in Pinellas Park homes is directly related to underlying dampness, and this must also be fixed to stop its spread.

The Life of a Mold Spore
At SERVPRO, we’re keen to remind homeowners that mold spores only become a destructive presence if the right conditions are provided. This means food, moisture, and a warm temperature. So, if your home is clean and dry, a few stray mold spots on a window aren’t going to cause you a problem. In fact, they will stay entirely dormant. This can all change if a leak occurs or there’s flooding in one part of the house (the kitchen, for example). Then, having been given water, the spores will immediately start to grow and swell.

The Root of the Damage
They send out organic ‘tendrils’ or ‘feelers’ called hyphae. These feelers spread like tree roots and penetrate any materials that are nearby. Some others grow directly upright, to increase their potential for migration. These spores circulate whenever so slight breezes and movements within the air will lift and carry them to different locations. If there are lots of organic materials in the house – things like wood, wool, cotton, and jute – the mold will grow more quickly, as it has an abundant food source. Sufficient moisture will enhance the growth speed and depth.

The same applies to homes that are always kept very warm. Temperatures between 68-86 degrees Fahrenheit are especially conducive for mold proliferation. At this point, the damage is likely to progress quite fast, and the homeowner will notice either an unpleasant odor or some very clear visual signs of a worsening mold problem.

The Fast, Effective Solution
This is when a homeowner must pick up the phone and call the SERVPRO team. We have years of experience dealing with domestic and commercial mold damage. We also have access to state of the art remediation tools – HEPA filters, air movers, dehumidifiers, etc. – and we are trained in the best mold removal techniques.

As SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg Park/Pinellas Park is a locally based company, we can respond to calls as soon as they come in. This means that we’ll never leave you waiting for emergency mold remediation and repairs. Call us 24/7 at (727) 521-2562.

Unchecked Water Damage can Continue to Ruin and Destroy Property

10/17/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Unchecked Water Damage can Continue to Ruin and Destroy Property SERVPRO professionals not only have the necessary certifications to rid your home of not only the water itself but also the contamination in it.

Water Damage Can Destroy and Ruin in Your Residential Home

Water that causes damage to your home can come from different sources. When it's contaminated water, microbial elements can also contaminate your home's interior. Contaminated water can come from floodwaters, overflowing toilets, washing machines that are overloaded with heavily soiled work clothes, or sewage that has been forced into your home because of storms that have overloaded the area's drains with rain water.

Ulmerton homes with water damage from contaminated sources should be handled by professionals with specialized training that has resulted in certification in IICRC methods. SERVPRO professionals not only have the necessary certifications to rid your home of not only the water itself but also of the microbial contamination that can be left behind. We are also capable of then repairing your home's damaged interior while restoring your personal belongings.

Having repairs made immediately after water has created a situation in your home is important because any fluid will saturate porous materials, seep into others that are on horizontal planes, and run downhill when located on anything that has an angle to it. Because water doesn't stay still, tracking it down and removing it with drying methods is easier when water has not had a chance to spread.

After the water has spread from its original location, drywall will swell and then rot and crumble as it dries naturally, wood will swell and then lose its shape, and paint will peel off walls and ceilings. Carpet will become damaged and begin to develop areas of mold and bacterial growth, and this can create a smell that is highly unpleasant. Water will continue to cause problems in your home until it is completely removed. We can also combat any odors that you dislike related to not only water but also from pets, smoke, and mold.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When you've discovered water in your home that is located where it shouldn't be, contact us. We will get it removed, and get your home and the contents inside dry again. SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park at (727) 521-2562 is ready when you need us, 24 hours, every day.

Can my carpet be saved after flood damage?

10/2/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Can my carpet be saved after flood damage? Flooding from Clean Water can save you money. Call SERVPRO immediately to remediate!

The Three Types of Water that Can Flood Your Home

One of the major casualties of a flooded home is flooring, particularly carpets. Once it's soaked, both it and the underlying padding will potentially need replacing, which is an added expense that most homeowners would like to avoid. In the case of heavy flooding, whether it's from a natural disaster, broken appliance, burst pipe, or other water emergency, many people think that there's no chance their carpet can ever be saved.
Homeowners who have experienced flood damage in Pinellas Park are often unaware that it's not just the amount of water in a home that affects whether they'll have to get new flooring, but the type of water as well. Here's some information about the three types of water damage that can occur due to flooding and how each affects carpet and rugs.
Clean Water
If the flood damage in your home is caused by a burst pipe, malfunctioning appliance, or tub or sink that has overflowed, odds are it's a result of what's called clean water. Basically, this type of water is treated and contains no contaminants or waste and is the least risky to clean up. When you contact SERVPRO and you have flood damage resulting from clean water, we're typically able to save your area rugs, carpeting, and floor pads so you don't have to incur the extra expense of replacing it.
Gray Water
This type of water doesn't contain any solid animal or human waste, but it has been used. An example of this would be a toilet that's overflown or a broken washing machine that leaks a large amount of water mid-cycle. Flood damage from gray water comes with more risks than clean water, as it has significantly more potential to cause illness if it's touched. However, the threat of disease usually isn't present since there's no solid waste. Though the carpet pad that's been soaked with gray water has to be thrown out for safety reasons, the carpet itself can often be saved. SERVPRO will carefully clean and dry it so that you can save money by only having a new pad installed.
Black Water
This is the most dangerous type of water involved in flood damage and it's unsanitary because it either has organisms in it that can potentially carry disease or solid waste. If your home was flooded due to a natural disaster, storm, or sewage backup, it likely involves black water. While some area rugs can be disinfected by our team, cleaned, and thoroughly dried, carpet and padding need to be replaced for the sake of keeping your family safe.
The experts at SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park are ready to handle your water emergency, get your home back in great shape, and save your carpeting whenever possible. For a quote or to get more information about our flood damage services, call (727) 521-2562.

How We Tackle Water Removal After a Hurricane

9/25/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage How We Tackle Water Removal After a Hurricane We have the necessary equipment for the job and are ready to power it. Call SERVPRO today to get started!

SERVPRO Has the Tools and Experience to Remove Water from Your Property

When a hurricane hits, damage to the local community is often intense and widespread. Getting a fast and efficient response to your home can make thousands of dollars difference during the cleanup and restoration process, and perhaps the most important step is immediate water removal. Whether from flooding, heavy rains, or plumbing overflows, hurricanes often cause immense amounts of flood and water damage to residences of all shapes and sizes. We carry a number of specialty tools and heavy machinery to help extract water from a property before more serious damage can set in.
Water Extractors and Pumps
Our heavy-hitting water removal tools in Ulmerton consist mainly of our extractors, heavy pumps designed to remove water from an area quickly and cost-effectively. Depending on the situation and how much water needs to be moved, these can be either truck-mounted or portable, but in either case, they serve the simple function of getting water out of the building. The machines are tightly sealed and designed to accommodate some amount of debris, which is important following a hurricane as many floodwaters will contain medium to large pieces of debris. These are only suitable for extracting large amounts of water, however, and to fully dry out an area we must use air movers and dehumidifiers.
Air Movers and Dehumidifiers
Air movers and dehumidifiers essentially perform opposite functions, but together, they dry out a room as quickly as possible. Air movers create intense air currents in the room, picking up water droplets from surfaces and keeping them in the air. This increases the relative humidity of the room, which if left at too high a level, can cause further damage. Thus, we bring in industrial-strength dehumidifiers to pull the water back out of the air, but this time into a controlled environment that can be dumped later. These machines, combined with our efforts to control temperature, room conditions, and other variables, complete the water removal process after a hurricane. Depending on the intensity of the damage, these can be used in a small area, or across an entire home.
SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park is alert and ready after every hurricane to deal with the worst of their damage. If your home has suffered damage in a recent storm, call us 24/7 at (727) 521-2562.

Here's Why Flood Damage From Hurricanes Is so Severe

8/28/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Here's Why Flood Damage From Hurricanes Is so Severe Hurricane season starts from the beginning of June until the end of November.

Why is Flood Damage from Hurricanes So Severe?

Homeowners in Florida are no stranger to hurricanes and the type of damage that they can do to homes and communities. Some liken the water damage that comes from a hurricane to that of a flood from a typical rainstorm, but the former is so much worse.

Flood damage in Pinellas Park that is the result of a hurricane brings not only water but salt from the ocean as well. Brackish water is more hazardous during and after a storm, and it also has the potential to wreak havoc on your home's structure and your possessions. Here's a look at why hurricane flood damage should be taken seriously and resolved as soon as possible.

When salt comes into contact with wire insulation, metals, concrete, zinc, and other materials commonly used in and around homes, it's quite corrosive. Also, saltwater conducts its own charge that increases the likelihood of power outages and electrical shock.

If left to sit, a home damaged by saltwater after a hurricane will decompose more quickly than one that's affected by flood damage following a typical rainstorm. The foundation, walls, flooring, and even decorative stone and brick of your home will start to break down and be much more costly to repair the longer the problem persists.

Contacting experienced professionals, such as our team at SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park, is key to protecting your home after a hurricane. Saltwater can't simply be pumped out of a house; it first has to be washed away with freshwater before pumping can even be started. As time ticks away before repairs commence, your home is left vulnerable to water damage

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Taking quick action is key to mitigating flood damage after a hurricane, and SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park is dedicated to helping local homeowners with speed and precision. If your home is in need of repair or assessment after a storm, call us at (727) 521-2562 for a quote or more information about our services.

Fire Damage can Happen During and After a Hurricane

8/17/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage can Happen During and After a Hurricane Don't let fire damage your home. Call our professional team at SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park!

During a Hurricane, Fire Damage Can Happen 

Hurricanes are all too common in the US Southeast, and with each one invariably comes an array of problems. Heavy winds can rip off roofing and send objects crashing into each other, and torrential rains and flooding commonly cause significant water damage. But many people do not consider the potential for significant fire damage in the wake of a hurricane. From electrical fires to gas leaks to simple friction fires, there are many ways that a fire can rage in the middle of or after a hurricane. 

Electrical Fires 

One of the most common types of fire damage in Kenneth City after a hurricane is electrical fire damage. Electronics, while they are still running, can be doused in water or damaged from kinetic impacts during or after a hurricane, sometimes causing them to malfunction and catch fire. Or, a power line may fall, causing structural damage and possibly igniting any building it falls on. These fires can not typically be put out with water, so any incoming water isn't likely to stop these fires from spreading. If you're still on the premises when a fire breaks out, always use a fire extinguisher instead of water to put out a fire during a storm, as these are the only way to stop an electrical fire safely. 

Gas Leaks and Explosions 

Many homes have gas heaters, cookers, and appliances, which during a storm may take heavy damage and rupture. This gas may be prone to explosion, and any spark produced in the room may lead to disaster. These types of fires are fairly rare, but our SERVPRO team suggests to be mindful of them if you have many or aging gas appliances in your home. 

Friction Fires 

Fires may start simply from friction and contact between multiple objects. This can happen in hurricanes with particularly powerful winds, as objects are blown about and crash into each other. Be mindful that significant structural damage usually comes with these fires, and this may help it to spread rapidly as wood is broken and more flammable. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

In the event of a hurricane, SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park is always ready to help the community to deal with and clean up any of the disasters and damages that can happen. Drop us a line today at (727) 521-2562 for 24/7 emergency service or advice on damage to your home. 

How to Identify Tornadoes During a Hurricane

6/7/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How to Identify Tornadoes During a Hurricane Severe storms, such as hurricanes, can generate tornados.

Hurricanes can Create Favorable Conditions for Tornadoes

The thought of a tornado touching down in a community during a hurricane is a frightening image. Most people have seen movies or television shows where tornadoes have caused mass destruction and significant property damage. Watching it in action on the big screen or television is disheartening enough, yet alone experiencing the situation first hand. Living through a tornado and seeing the devastating impact on a community is a humbling experience. If you have never experienced a tornado, it is necessary to understand how to identify them and react appropriately. Your safety and the safety of those around you depends on your ability to identify tornadoes. 

Perhaps the most obvious and well-known characteristics of a tornado is a funnel cloud. During violent hurricanes, meteorologists are often concerned about the development of favorable conditions for tornadoes. The classic signs of an impending tornado include dark skies, large pieces of hail falling to the ground, and a dark sky that appears to be green. People who have witnessed actual tornadoes tend to report a similar claim of hearing a loud noise that resembles a train outside the window. The tornado itself is a rotational cloud that forms in the sky and may or may not touches down to the ground. If the rotating funnel cloud loses formation, it can develop again. Strong, structured funnel clouds may be a single cloud formation that may spur off into another one. This is important to remember in the event the clouds appear to diminish. As quickly as they disappear, they can re-emerge without warning. 

Understanding the obvious signs of a tornado is essential for safety. Seek immediate shelter in the lowest lying area of the home or business such as a basement. Avoid being near windows and glass doors because there could be broken glass that becomes airborne. Cover your head with pillows if they are accessible to protect your head and face. You must be aware that common household objects can get picked up in the wind if the windows or doors are broken. These objects can become airborne and cause interior property damage and bodily harm. 

If you are traveling by car when this emergency strikes, seek shelter in a ditch on the side of the road. Never drive your vehicle towards a clear twister to photograph the tornado as this could be a fatal mistake. Tornadoes cause mass destruction and have been known to kill people, destroy property, and wipe out miles of communities, housing developments, businesses, farms, and roads. It is crucial to recognize that personal safety is the top priority. Since violent storms, such as hurricanes, can spawn tornadoes with little or no warning, everyone needs to know how to identify tornadoes. 

As a leader in storm and water damage restoration, SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park has the specialized training and expertise to restore your home back to its pre-storm condition. Get help 24 hours a day (727) 521-2562.

What to Expect When a Hurricane is Over

6/7/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What to Expect When a Hurricane is Over Avoid flooded streets and areas with standing water for safety

Safety after a Hurricane

After the torrential rains and sustained winds finally stop and the sky begins to clear, life does not always return to normal right away. The extent and severity of the hurricane damage can determine how many parts of our life it impacts. Perhaps some of the most obvious problems associated with hurricane damage are debris in the streets, rising water levels, flooding, standing water, and damage to homes or businesses. Aside from these inconveniences, communication channels may be impaired if local cell phone towers are knocked down or have sustained damage. Telephone and power lines may be down, internet services may be out, and social media channels may be unavailable. Although these services are a commodity, we realize our dependence on them when we have service interruptions after a hurricane. Homes may not have access to watching television or listening to the radio unless they have a backup source of power. Without television, radio, or internet, communities may not have knowledge of what the current state of emergency is within a specific geographic area. All of these scenarios can lead to a general sense of fear, uncertainty, and isolation. 

Once families can regain access to the news channels and local emergency service providers, they can receive continuous updates. Communities may have supplies available to help residents clean up their properties and regain access to roads and grocery stores. Sometimes fallen trees can block neighborhood streets and interstates. Resources are needed to help remove the trees to make the roads accessible for traffic, especially for emergency response vehicles in the event of an emergency. Emergency medical services may not be able to reach people on the other sides of the blockages. 

If local grocery stores, pharmacies, and retail markets are closed due to flooding and damage incurred from the hurricane, the community may need to go outside of their area to access resources that are open and available. Although frustrating, the citizens of the community need to be patient with the cleanup and recovery process. Another issue of critical importance is not to walk or drive through water, especially water that appears to have power lines across them. Only the electric company can determine whether or not the power lines are live or inactive. Anyone who enters the water with down power lines runs the risk of being electrocuted. Clearly this is not worth the risk but does require patience waiting for the authorities to make an official statement. 

It is not always obvious how deep standing water may be leading to uncertainty and dangerous conditions. Keep people of all ages, animals, and children away from standing water to prevent drowning or illness. The standing water may be contaminated and full of germs or chemicals that can cause health effects. Leave these types of situations to the authorities and be certain to have a supply of batteries to receive instructions and communication from the local news for instructions.

If your property in St Petersburg has been damaged by a hurricane, SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park has the experience, expertise and equipment to restore your property properly. Call us 24/7 at (727) 521-2562.