What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Amazing how SERVPRO was able to get my home back to a living condition after severe fire damage. Thank you SERVPRO for helping me , I was so unsure what I was going to do if I had to go through the holidays with my home damaged. 

SERVPRO made recovering from a fire much easier.  They were very careful with our valuable items and took time to explain the entire process so that we'd know what to expect since we'd never had fire damage.  I felt as if we were their only customers which I'm sure that wasn't the case.  Really great service SERVPRO!

Big thanks to SERVPRO for restoring our ash and soot ridden home to the way that it was before a fire broke out in our home in Pinellas Park last month. While we hope we never have to face fire damage again, we know who to call if tragedy happens to strike again.

I never could have imagined getting fire damage repair, but when I needed it you were right there to get it done on time, on budget, by true professionals. Thanks!

When the fire in the fireplace damaged my St Pete Beach living room, I thought I would be looking at the eye sore for a very long time. However, your SERVPRO team had better plans for my home. They repaired the damage and got rid of any trace the accident ever happened. I would highly recommend your team to any and every person.

Okay, so a pot of grease was the ultimate cause of fire damage to my kitchen. But when I called your staff, I received fast and friendly service with a repair quote that was lower than any of the other companies I called. Thank you for making my repairs!