Water Damage Photo Gallery

Rescue Mats In Hallway

Sometimes, SERVPRO rescue mats can be used in certain water damage situations. When tear out is out of the question, technicians must be approved before laying down rescue mats. This is because rescue mats are not always 100% effective. Attached to a dehumidifier, tubes are connected to the mats which allows for water to get sucked from the grout. While this process takes longer because the water is not fully exposed, it may just save your lovely hardwood. Give SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park a call at 727-521-2562 or ask one our technicians if using rescue mats on your hardwood flooring is right for you. 

Demo To Kitchen Floor

Often when water soaks through your hardwood floors, it is necessary to tear it out. That was the case when crews were instructed to tear out all affected flooring in order to expose the source. This included the vinyl and particle board in order to reach the subfloor. The homeowner couldn't believe how quickly we were able to remove the flooring and dry the subfloor in less than 3 days! We make disasters "Like it never even happened." Give SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park a call for all your water-related needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (727) 521-2562. 

Moisture reader

Its always good to see the meter reading "DRY" on the closing days of a local St. Petersburg water damage. When disaster strikes call in the pro's at SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg & Pinellas Park. 

Pinellas Park Water Heater Causes Damage

The pressurized supply line burst and pooled a sufficient volume of water onto the flooring to require us to remove the drywall. This porous material soaked up the water and was not salvageable. Our drying equipment rids the excess moisture from the affected area.

St. Petersburg Water Damage Detection Device

When water damage is discovered in St. Petersburg, we can readily see the wet walls, wet floors, and wet ceilings. But, we also want to detect moisture buildup that is not so visible. SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park Professionals utilizes modern high-tech devices like the one in this photo. A moisture meter is shown being used to detect the degree of saturation in the molding on this wall. If you encounter water damage, get the latest technology available for your restoration by calling SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park 24/7 at (727) 521-2562. We are open 365 days every year. We are open 24 hours every day. We are open now.

St. Petersburg Flood Damage – Large Scale Commercial Loss

Flood Damage occurs all to often in our area and sometimes requires a great deal of equipment to clean up the St. Petersburg water damage. This large commercial generator powers multiple water damage extraction units drying, and humidification equipment. SERVPRO Florida Franchises have access to a Large Loss Disaster Recovery Team with the equipment to handle any size disaster. If flood damage impacts your home or business, call SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park at (727) 521-2562. We are open every day of the year. We are opened every day of the week. We are open right now.